Across the country Catch & Release fishing has become an important conservation tool as a means of preserving and enhancing out Lakes and Rivers fisheries. Whether by regulation or choice, Catch & Release is an essential part of Tournament Fishing. Trail of Dreams has made a long-standing commitment to preserve one of our nations resources. We ask all anglers to join into this commitment.
With the addition of the new Catch & Release Aeration Unit, Trail of Dream's is leading the way into the next chapter! This specialized unit allows us to conduct an off site weigh-in, at your location or facility. By providing
a true Catch & Release controlled environment for. Bass caught during a tournament. Trail of
Dreams has taken the lead in developing many innovations, that will someday be standard at every
fishing tournament.

The new Catch & Release unit is equipped with three (3) 300 gallon fresh water tanks, each tank
is chilled to control the water temperature and treated to remove any traces of chemicals, a Bass
never had it so good. The highly effective electric aerator's in each tank(2 units per tank), keep the water rich in oxygen. By using hospital quality oxygen concentrators, air pumped back into the water has most of the nitrogen removed, this increases the pure oxygen level to about 98% purity. What does this mean? These concentrators
put the highest level of pure oxygen (parts per million) back into the water as it is aerated. The
maximum amount of oxygen is then available to any fish lucky enough to be held in this oxygen
rich mixture. Using the concentrators also eliminates the need for oxygen tanks, and a dangerous
                                         situation is thus avoided. No chance of explosion or fire hazard, no
                                         risk to spectators or staff members.

This catch & release unit also has a 12 volt backup unit to ensure operation in case of an   electrical outage. Plus a Salt Dip Treatment. Each Bass is dipped into a special Salt Treatment just before it is returned to the natural waters from which it was taken. This special tender loving care will provide our future anglers with a healthy fishery and helps reinforce our concept of:

Today's Release is Tomorrow's Catch.
On the River!
On the Lake!