Tri State Tournament Championship

The TOD Championship will be held September 22nd, 2018 on the Kanawha River (Winfield Pool) Launching from Frontier Ramp in Charleston, WV @ 7am.
How Do I Qualify?
Just fish any of the TOD events for 2018 season, and finish in the top 5 at any event and your team
becomes qualified. Singles are invited to fish any TOD Open Tournaments. Finishing in the Top 5 while
fishing alone will not qualify you for the Championship.

"Team Anglers of the Year"
Five slots will be awarded to teams that have the highest average of finish in Team Anglers of the Year
Open Events. The average is determined by your top 5 of the 6 open tournaments you fished in.

Choose your Partner Carefully
In the event of teams qualifying more than once with different co-anglers it’s the boater’s responsibility
to choose His/her co-angler. TOD will bump down the list of finishers at that tournament if changes are
made due to qualifying more than once. Trail of Dreams will allow teams to use either angler’s boat they
want in the championship as long as it meets tournament regulations (insurance/motor/etc.).

Can I Fish Alone?
TOD Tri State Championship will be a Team Only Event.
Cancellation of Tournament
In case of cancellation of tournaments, the events may be rescheduled. If they are not rescheduled the
Championship will drop 5 boats overall per event cancelled.

In case of emergency of boater or co-angler which have qualified, TOD will make final decision on team’s
ability to fish in the Championship.

Is there an Entry Fee?
There is NO ENTRY FEE to the Championship Tournament! Trail of Dreams will hold $5 an entry per
tournament in the 2018 season to make half of the tournaments payout. Whatever amount this reaches
TOD will match that total. Example ($5 an entry per tournament = $4000. Trail of Dreams will match that
$4000 making the Championship payout $8000.)

-TOD holds full interpretation of Rules & Regulations in this Event. All decisions are Final.
-All Trail of Dreams rules will be in effect during the Championship event.
-It is your team’s responsibility to have read and understand the rules of our organization.
-Any further questions please email