2018 Tournament Dates
March  31st - Sutton Lake       - Season Opener
April  14th - Summersville Lake - Open Event
April  28th - Summersville Lake - Master Series
May    12th - Yatesville Lake   - Master Series
May    26th - Kanawha River     - Master Series
June    2nd - Ohio River        - Open Event
June   16th - Kanawha River     - Open Event
Aug    25th - Kanawha River     - Open Event
Sept   15th - Kanawha River     - Open Event
Sept   16th - Kanawha River     - B.A.S.S. Youth
Sept   22nd - Kanawha River     - TOD Championship
         Dates Approval by DNR  
All Tournaments are
Catch & Release

In 2017, the Catch & Release
program had a success rate of
Caution: Trail of Dreams Tournaments can be Habit Forming!
Trail of Dreams Tournament
Series is geared to meet the
needs of competitive anglers,
regardless of experience level
or ability. It is a premier
method for anglers to
experience the thrill of a
professional level bass

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Congratulations to the next 6 Qualifying
Teams for the Tri-State Championship!

Tommy Ford/Braxton Matheny
Brian Fitzgerald/Dylan Fitzgerald
Everett Chapman/Danny Brinegar
Kenny Day/Rick Harris
Tommy Thompson/Dwight Justice
Tyler Webb/Braxton Huffman
Summersville Lake 1st Place Winners
Tommy Ford & Braxton Matheny
10lbs 14oz -