We ask all anglers to take part
with us in proper care of our
future. With proper handling
of our catch we can ensure a
great future of angling!

In 2016, the Catch & Release
program had a success rate of
Caution: Trail of Dreams Tournaments can be Habit Forming!
Trail of Dreams Tournament
Series is geared to meet the
needs of competitive anglers,
regardless of experience level
or ability. It is a premier
method for anglers to
experience the thrill of a
professional level bass

All Tournaments are
Catch & Release

2017 Trail of Dreams Tournament Series
Congratulations to Charlie & Jeffery Hanshaw on their win at the 2017 Cabelas Master Series with 8 lbs good for $10,000!!!
Congratulations to Everett Chapman & Danny Brinegar for winning the 2017 Team Angler of the Year good for $1,000!!!