Trail of Dreams Tournament Series:
Team Anglers of the Year
presented by
$1000 will go to the winners in T.O.D.'s seasonal events.
Just fish T.O.D. Tournaments and accumulate points.

Trail of Dreams Anglers of the Year Rules & Regulations for 2017

1: Anglers of the Year will be TEAM events.
2: Use whosever boat you choose.
3: TOD will allow your team to substitute One(1) time whether it's boater or co-angler.
4: Allow your team to fish solo one(1) time whether it's boater or co-angler.
5: Allow your team to use rule 3 & 4 both in 2017 season one(1) time.
6: Ties breakers at the end of the season will be based on the total number of fish in 6 events
7: In the event of floodouts these tournaments will not be rescheduled.
8: Final decisions on all rules are made by Tournament Director.
Yellow - Had Lunker Bonus
Blue - Fished alone (1 Only allowed)
Orange - Non-Boater Swap (1 Only allowed)
Red - Used More Than One Exemptions
Green = Automatic Seed for Best of the Best 2017
Qualifying Tournaments for 2017:

April 15 - Summersville
June 3 - Ohio River
June 17 - Kanawha
August 26 - Kanawha
September 16 - Kanawha
The Points system will be:

300 Point to Win
Decrease by 3pt increments to 5th place
Decrease by 2pt increments to 10th place
Decrease by 1pt increment through field
No Fish Earns Low Points of Event

Bonus Reward:
5 points per event for Lunker