Trail of Dreams Tournament Series:
Team Anglers of the Year
presented by
$1000 will go to the winners in T.O.D.'s seasonal events.

Qualifying Tournaments for 2018:
March 31 - Sutton
April 14 - Summersville
June 2 - Ohio River
June 16 - Kanawha
August 25 - Kanawha
September 15 - Kanawha

Trail of Dreams Anglers of the Year Rules & Regulations for 2018

1: Anglers of the Year will be TEAM events.
2: Use whosever boat you choose.
3: TOD will allow your team to substitute One(1) time whether it's boater or co-angler.
4: Allow your team to fish solo one(1) time whether it's boater or co-angler.
5: Allow your team to use rule 3 & 4 both in 2018 season one(1) time.
6: Ties breakers at the end of the season will be based on the total number of fish in 6 events
7: In the event of floodouts these tournaments will not be rescheduled.
8: Final decisions on all rules are made by Tournament Director.
Blue - Fished alone (1 Only allowed)
Orange - Non-Boater Swap (1 Only allowed)
Red - Used More Than One Exemptions