The DNR is presently conducting the largest fish habitat project in West Virginia at Summersville Lake which will help all species of
fish. This allows for smaller fish to feed larger fish and so on. TOD has been working with Aaron Yeager, DNR District 3 Assistant
Warmwater Fishery Biologist at Summersville Lake. Aaron has been studying the walleye population at the lake, and has been
tagging and photographing walleyes which enables him to identify fish from year to year.

There are two strains of walleye in Summersville Lake. The Great Lake Strain and Native Strain. The Great Lake Strain makes up
about 90% of the population which provides mainly the pan-frying size walleyes. The native strain makes up 10% which is the
trophy size walleye that grows 30”+.
Slot Regulations - We have all seen these signs posted at lakes and rivers throughout the state of West Virginia. The purpose of
these regulations is to mainly protect our female native walleyes. The natives do not reach maturity to well over 20”. This is why the
regulations read release 20”-30” back to the water and only one permitted over 30”.

To help assist Aaron in his studies TOD will be holding a Walleye tournament at Summersville Lake March 17th 2018 from 7am-4pm
launching from winter ramp (dam) with the weigh in at the picnic area at the top of the hill.
100% Payback
$40 Entry Fee (Team Event Only)
Lunkers Included ($5 Walleye/$5 Small Mouth)
25 Boat Limit
10 Walleye Limit
1 Small Mouth
Live Bait or Artificial

During the weigh in Aaron will be sorting the fish you caught by strain and tagging them. If tagged fish are caught information will
be gathered from them. All fish will be weighed, measured, and photographed with live release back to the lake.

Trail of Dreams teams up with the DNR